Research Activities

In the following section are reported some of the activities made at CTL (Centre for Transport and Logistics) of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, at ‘ENEA (National Agency for Enrgy and Environment) and other projects made in the last years.



dailybanco.jpgHere is reported a technical paper presented at HYSYDAYS in june 2007 where are reported the experimental tests executed at ENEA Research Center on a freight vehicle. The vehicle, fueled with CNG was tuned to run with two different blends of CNG and Hydrogen: 10% and 15 % in volume and two configurations, stoichiometric and lean burn. The work was made within the European project called Bong-HY (parallel application of Blends Of Natural Gas and HYdrogen).

F.Ortenzi, M.Chiesa, F.Conigli, Experimental Tests of Blends of Hydrogen and Natural Gas in Light Duty Vehicles

Web site of the european Project BONGHY:


Emissions Testing

hybrid1.jpgThe “vehicle” group of the excellence centre CTL researches on low environmental impact vehicles. Four university departments are part of such group: transport (DITS), telecommunications (INFOCOM), information science (DIS) and the energy and environment group (GEA) of CIRPS. It developed, in close cooperation with ENEA, a tool for real-time energy-environmental monitoring of vehicles in their daily use.

The tool collects data from the on board diagnostic system of the vehicle. It reads all the data characterising the vehicle use and its energy-environmental response.


Collected data are transferred to the CTL ICT platform through wide band wireless connections in Wi-Fi hot spots. The developed equipment is calibrated by means of an emissions analyser. The equipment enables to measure real-time how the use made of the vehicle influences its energy-environmental performances and how much these performances are dependent on the drivers.